Big Bang Evolutionary Big Band

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WED July 30th 7:30PM | Berklee College Of Music: David Friend | 921 Boylston St, Boston MA

“The Evolutionary Jazz Composer’s Collective”

Anna Hoffmann
Trevor Kellum
Melissa Aldana
Gail McArthur-Browne
Ben Whiting

John Sauer
Jeremy Sinclair
Jeff Perry
Linsey McDonald

Jason Camelio
Chris Gagne
Stephanie Baird
George Saenz

Winnie Dahlgren
Nadav Remez
Carmen Spada
Manuel Kaufman
Dan Pugach

- Composer and Alto Saxophonist, Flute
- Alto Saxophonist, Soprano
- Composer and Tenor Saxophonist, Clarinet
- Tenor Saxophonist, Flute
- Baritone Saxophonist, Bass Clarinet

- Composer and Trumpeter
- Trumpeter
- Composer and Trumpeter
- Trumpeter

- Composer and Trombonist
- Composer and Trombonist
- Trombonist
- Composer and Bass Trombonist

- Composer and Vibraphonist
- Composer and Guitarist
- Composer and Pianist
- Composer and Bassist
- Composer and Drums and Cymbals

The Big Band Evolutionary Big Band (BBEBB)

was spawn from the desire of many talented jazz composer/instrumentalists from Berklee College of Music community to initiate a forum that allows for the sharing of musical ideas, stimulating the creative process and fostering the creation of new music. This collective is composed of faculty members, staff members, alumni and students who all share a vision of the ever-evolving world of jazz music, the positive opportunities provided by working within the jazz orchestra setting and the importance of the role played by the jazz orchestra in this music’s evolution.

The BBEBB offers open rehearsal sessions and live performances of its resident and guest composers’ music. Through these sessions and performances composer/writers and audience members can share in the guided and organic artistic process of creating and performing challenging, new music.

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