King of Pain

octet3.jpg  My Recomposition of Sting’s ‘King Of Pain’. Performed live with the great NEC Jazz Composer’s Workshop Orchestra.

Natalie Dietrich vibes, marimba
Catherine Bent – cello
Mark Zaleski – alto sax
Tucker Antell – tenor sax

This tune originally started as a class project. The objective of the re-composition was to take an existing piece of music apart, completely strip it down to a few key elements, then put them in a different setting and compose around them.

I really wanted to choose a Pop/Rock tune, but was torn between Steely Dan and Sting. The later was determined when tossing a coin.

It felt very strange, even blasphemes to take apart a tune that works so well just the way it was originally recorded. But after a certain point I started to grow quite fond of the new piece that was emerging.

Some the of the compositional elements from the original that I have tried to keep are:
The Marimba back beat, the dynamic shape, a mid-section in floating time, the main melodic motive, which appears disguised through out the entire piece (retrograde-inversion, reharmonization).

Overall I have tried to capture the gloomy atmosphere of the original. Apart from the ending, where I wanted the band to have some fun jamming and grooving.

This was published by Anna: 26 Feb 2010

One Response to “King of Pain”

  1. Gordon says:

    Sounds terrific! A really interesting de/ar-rangement!

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