Jacaranda – Composition

This composition is dedicated to the beautiful memories of my trip to South Africa. One of the great moments I recall is sitting in a Jacaranda Tree, enjoying the evening breeze and never wanting to leave again. “Jakaranda” – by Anna Hoffmann

With the NEC Jazz Orchestra

featured soloists:
Tucker Antell – tenor sax
Steve Boudreau – piano
Moses Eder – drums
Enrico Solano Tovar – percussion
This was published by Anna: 25 Mar 2010

One Response to “Jacaranda – Composition”

  1. Ursi says:

    I created above picture in 2002, inspired by my first trip to South Africa in 1985. I still remember searching for little Anna, the flight crew already boarded in the crew bus. At last I found her sitting in a Jacaranda tree, between those bright purple blue flowers, sobbing “I will not leave, I want to stay in Africa”.

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