Three Brothers – Composition

- comp./arr. Anna Hoffmann – NEC Jazz Composer’s Orchestra 12/2007

The title of my composition “Three Brothers (Ralph, Rolf & Ralf)” was inspired by a bass player, Ralf, whom I met at a Jazz clinic in Germany a few years ago. The special thing about him was, that he liked to introduce himself to different people with varying pronunciations of his name. Thus causing a lot of confusion.
At the same time the title is certainly a play on words on the Jimmy Guiffre Bebop composition “Four Brothers” and its spin off “Five Brothers” by Gerry Mulligan.
The music itself is not in the same style as those compositions. A certain West Coast Jazz lightness and positive feel maybe the single common element.

“Three Brothers” brings together non-functional harmony, cross sectional orchestration, three tonic systems and a modulating five-part canon with the pop jazz style. The main motive keeps reappearing through out the entire piece.

The featured musicians are:
Brian Friedland – piano
Ben Roseth – soprano sax
Tucker Antell – tenor sax
Moses Eder – drums
John Replogle – lead trumpet

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