Arrangements Boston Without You

Broadway Musical Style was the theme of this Composition by Anna Hoffmann.
rita-martins Here is Rita Martins with the Anna Hoffmann Octet+ 2007

There are lots of songs about New York, Chicago, L. A, San Francisco, even “Little Rock”…

Do you know more songs about this sophisticated Boston? …

“This Time is Nice…”, even in winter…

laura-grill Here is Laura Grill with the Anna Hoffmann Big Band 2009

recorded life at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge.

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This was published by Anna: 17 Mar 2010

One Response to “Arrangements Boston Without You”

  1. Ursi says:

    I really have to confess, this is my absolute favorite. – I am still hooked to Frank Sinatra and … well, Anna move … and keep and explore, I feel great, hearing this.

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