The Anna Hoffmann Big Band

A new generation of Contemporary Big Band featuring some of Boston’s hottest new talents.
Rich orchestration combined with hard grooves in which the exceptional soloists can truly let loose.
This Big Band is modern, complex and yet very entertaining.
Featuring: A set of Anna Hoffmann Octet+ and a set of a killing Big Band featuring NEC’s finest.

John Replogle
Bobby Gallegos
Will Caviness
Aquiles Navarro
Michael Thomas
Alex Lore
Tucker Antell
James Wylie
Luis Perez
Clayton Dewalt
Chris Gagne
Randy Pingrey
Grant Randall
Adam Quane
Michel Reis
Nate Therrien
Moses Eder
special guests:
Laura Grill – voice
Catherine Bent – cello
Natalie Dietrich – vibes

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